Watch a patient's heart beating on the operating table


And then click through for a bonus prostatectomy! Amazing! (It’s over 40 minutes of video, not done yet)

I’m not sure they’d be too put off by live tweeting. Don’t surgeons often perform whilst students etc look on?

I used to work for a company that made surgical monitors (the monitors used to display the images from surgical scopes). Sprinkled all over our workplace were monitors, most of which were playing the recording of a cardiac surgery performed years before by a renowned heart surgeon who was also a close friend of the owner. We also had an eye surgery recording we could use to demo our monitors, but most of us did not have the stomach to watch the needle going into the eye.

I saw that heart surgery recording almost every day and never had a problem watching it, but a co-worker had loaded up the full video once and not just the loop we typically used, and said that when they cut into the patient it was very very hard for him to watch.

This is actually intensely terrifying as a heart patient. No bypass for me…yet.

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That’s nuthin. Back around the 2001-2004 timeframe, I worked for a hospital chain that partnered with a nearby science museum. We used to broadcast live bypass surgeries, and later, knee replacement surgeries, to schoolkids at the science museum. There was a two-way audio link, so kids could ask questions of the operating room staff. Oddly enough, the patients had very little to say…

Anyway, the accompanying website, Way Cool Surgery, can be found, at least in part, at

I’d like one unicorn, NEAT

MedlinePlus has a whole page of surgery videos, but I don’t think that they were broadcast life.

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