Watch a pro wrestling event spark a real-life riot

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That was on par with dinner time at my homestead when I was a youngster.


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That takes me back! Midnight Express were great heels and Cornette was annoying as hell as their manager! Interesting to see he’s turned historian!


As with most pro wrestling references, my only familiarity with Ox is via the Mountain Goats


Can this be the new “YouTube voice”?


Yeah, I was digging his delivery, too.


I saw Ox Baker and Ernie Ladd and all the wrestlers of that era.

We used to go Saturday night to Cobo Arena in Detroit. We always had seats on the aisle where the wrestlers came out of the locker room. I wish I knew what happened to all my signed programs.

We saw many chairs thrown into the ring along with wrestlers using ice picks and fire. Lots of blood. And cage matches, holy cow as a kid those were awesome.

Wrestlemania and that whole era in the 80s and 90s was junk.

There is some debate on whether it was Ox Baker or Stan The Man Stasiac who originated the heart punch, I’ve seen them both live throw the punch.

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That was quite the performance from all concerned.

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Ox Baker is probably best known to non-pro wrestling fans for being the guy that Snake Plissken fights in the ring in Escape from New York.

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