Watch a suspected thief instantly discouraged by a fun DIY crime deterrent

If I had one of those installed, it would take almost no time for me to accidentally BBQ myself. Hard to imagine this is truly a legal device anywhere in the world, despite what the clip says.

ETA: I stand corrected. It was a real and legal thing:


And? Pride be not mouldy…well, It’ll dry out where you put it, right?

deliberate offensive contact is illegal in most (all?) of the US, spraying someone with water in an offensive manner could be assault or battery depending on the state. Of course lots of people have fought court cases over spraying water or throwing buckets of water at people served no time or had the case dropped by a judge with some sense.

Probably the safest course is to let your shit get stolen constantly. Taking any action other than calling the cops carries some risk if you don’t know what you’re doing.

(I am not a lawyer, also I am not YOUR lawyer. My wild online rhetoric isn’t legal advice)

I noticed you deleted your post. I want to be clear that my reply wasn’t intended to call you stupid. On the contrary, you made a perfectly valid point that pepper spray isn’t a surefire deterrent, and I know and know of people who’ve deliberately built up a resistance to it. I just found that meme a funny reference to the same concept in The Princess Bride.


Several deterrents in this scene

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