Anti-theft device burns carjackers to a crisp


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Ah, the Blaster.

It’s been around for a while. Indeed, it won the ig Nobel prize for peace in 1999


The parody prize doesn’t use the actual word ‘peace’; which is kinda good, considering…


The idea isn’t new. I have also heard of one that will electrify the outside of the car, zapping anyone trying to gain entry… though i don’t know if it was actually ever made.

Also. i am reminded of this:


If you get one, make sure to double-check and ensure that you do not install it backwards. I won’t make that mistake again.


This is much better than the talking car alarms. I once walked by one that actually rapped. All that was doing was encouraging people to get close.


As an added bonus, this can make it a lot easier to change lanes when traffic’s backed up and everyone in the next lane is pointedly ignoring your blinker!


I recall seeing a movie as a teen in the mid-late 80s where a would-be car jacker is incinerated by something like this. I think it’s framed as an ad for the product … slipping my mind at the moment.


For if they actually get inside your car.
Totally legal in a Robocop 2 corporate-apocalypse world.



IIRC carjackings in SA at the time of the initial promotion of this device were both rampant and very often led to kidnapping and death.


Came here to see if this one was posted. Leaving satisfied.


I would prefer this one:


I came here expecting a robocop reference.

I was not disappointed :smile:


Feel the Bern!


I wonder how long until someone sabotages the system and then tries to carjack the driver when they get into their car.



It’s tough but fair!