Watch this car chase involving a smoke screen and tire spikes!


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Dang, caltrops! They all seemed to end up on the hood and windshield of the pursuing car, bad aim! Was that a smoke screen or did the car just have mechanical trouble, tho?


I was waiting for the car to turn into a speed boat.


his mistake with the caltrops was not getting enough distance ahead first. otherwise, they may have worked. THINK MAN THINK


Needs the soundtrack, too!


No more effective than bales of weed, it seems.


Use the oil slick!!!



I actually watched that whole thing.

Hadn’t heard the whole song all the way thru before. Never lived long enough to get that far.



Pretty sure I never made it past the first bridge.


Sadly the factory oil slick option was discontinued when Ford ceased to be the common parent company of both Aston Martin and Volvo. And the aftermarket oil slick add-ons are a poor value.



Totally disappointed that the car could fly.



Do you all think the car at 1:40 was unmarked police, or just some random person trying to help out?


I’m going to wager just an ordinary Lithuanian with a dislike for speeders and smokescreens! Pretty ballsy, if so, though sometimes, there are few good “options” in a case like this.


I still have several incarnations of that game. Nice to see that the classic edition is back!

EDIT: And considering Evil Stevie, perhaps he hired both sides as a sort of reality testing?


Head gasket.