Cop chases speeder so hard his car catches on fire


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The best part is where he runs the windshield wipers to clear the smoke. Reminds me of the Blues Brothers movie at the end.


Um, this happens.
I don’t know what percentage is allot, but it happens.
It’s normal for this to happen.


Gives a new meaning to “Smokey”.


This could have all been avoided by moving the thousand degree catalytic converter away from the combustible material on the shoulder. It’s not the car’s fault, it’s a simple case of operator error.


This video pleases me on many levels.

Because what the fuck kind of idiot does it take to pass on the shoulder at more than 100 mph :interrobang:


Someone will have to write a lot more tickets to pay for that cruiser.


So many things to enjoy…

  • All the cars that refuse to get out of the way
  • driving 100+ on the shoulder
  • parking a hot car in tall dry grass and hoping for the best
  • complete inability to operate a fire extinguisher
  • waiting 8 minutes to decide that maybe he should remove valuable items from the vehicle
  • having to be told to remove his explosive ammo from the vehicle
  • forcing the stopped driver to sit parked in a cloud of toxic smoke
  • trying the windshield wipers? (actually I think he bumped the switch while trying to retrieve his computer)

This should be used as a training video on how not to cop.


Oh really?

Lights, psychos, Furbies, screaming babies in Mozart wigs, sunburned drifters with soap sud beards.??



Is this from your speech when you were six and went to the circus for the first time?

“The ‘Greatest Show on Earth’? Ha! Where is your psychos, furbies, and screaming babies in Mozart wigs?..”


Tall, dry grass + hot exhaust manifold = fire.

I would say he should have just parked the cruiser partly in the left lane to avoid the tall grass, but the way people were completely ignoring the cruiser’s lights and sirens, it would only have been seconds before some bumblefuck would have plowed into it. SMDH.


Textbook Pyrrhic Defeat.


And the moral of the story is…back up your computer!


I always wondered how much it would fuck with the cop pulling you over if you were to stop in the center median rather than too the right. Now I know! And you get to get away with speeding 2x the speed limit. The cop will let you go!


Exactly what I thought. Absolutely shit Boss Hawg driving.


And risk being hurt/killed by the explosion

Edit: ok just got to him yelling “go go” I guess he did let them flee


Officer Zergers, B.



Also can we talk about how when the cop is going like 130 he’s only barely sauntering by the rest of the traffic?


Many years ago I lived in San Antonio. The fire department was having a party in summer, in a campground south of the city. Their parking lot was a grass field that was recently mowed. Somebody’s catalytic converter started a grass fire that cause the total destruction of 75 vehicles. This is no shit.


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