Cop chases speeder so hard his car catches on fire



“1656…my car’s catching on fire” sounds like a line out of a Wes Anderson movie. :smiley:


Catalytic converter, not exhaust I would think. I believe it was Volkswagens that were known for starting fires that way. until they shielded the converters.


Without question, the best contextual advertising I have ever seen:



Any Florida story requires an alligator to be involved somehow. Unless this story has one, it doesn’t really have everything, it doesn’t even have the basic minimum.

Seamus is too experienced to post an alligator-less Florida story and claim it had “everything”, so I assume that the alligator must have been driving the speeding car. Which is pretty cool when you think about it.


My understanding is that hot catalytic converters / exhausts of cars as they pull over onto areas with dry grass is a major starter of fires. I can’t blame this cop for not thinking it through. He had just bee doing a 100mph + chase and was probably quite focused on that issue and wasn’t thinking through what his exhaust system would do to the dry grass.


“Excuse me, young man, but your car is on fire.”


“I don’t recommend doing this often”

Ya don’t say…


Yes. It’s just that all of it was hidden by the smoke.


I’d chalk up the pursued vehicle’s leaving to the fog of war.


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