Bird's eye view of a Lamborghini catching fire


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My favorite part was when the firefighter ripped the hood off and threw it in the bushes.


Chick-mag turned to slag.


Lamborghini’s catching fire are as common as Mustangs crashing while leaving cars and coffee events…


The angle this is shot from makes me miss Ignition Factor


Well what did he expect? Lambos are known for having terrible fuel economy.


Gee, I was not aware they had a unique propensity.


I can’t tell from the clip if he turns it off. Seems like having the fuel system pressurized isn’t going to help.


I bet the fire got better mileage than the engine.


I enjoyed the fire extinguisher flip. “Fuckit, I tried.”


I wonder how many Lambo’s catch fire because “I can’t make the payments anymore”.


Suspected as much, something about the engine running rich.

I’ve seen a few videos now, and another contributing factor is the fact that the exhaust blows out/very near through flammable body panels, unlike the tail pipes of most other cars. >.<


Driver: "Stay here; I’ll get out and get the fire extinguisher."
Passenger: “OK.” Googles Lamborghini Fires. “Hmm. Maybe I’d better get out too.”


Damn, must e over insured he didn’t even have a sense of urgency.

I was trying to get my car started that had been sitting awhile and had a little too much brake cleaner run down a part and catch fire. Got it out with no damage, but still.

Couple months ago I thought I saw some idiot rolling coal on the highway - turns out his truck was just on fire.


I watched a magnesium block VM burn down once. Firefighters just kept it from spreading.


That’s the sort of heat you can feel across 4 lanes, while in your car, with the windows up, in passing …


I paid $200,000 for this car to make my small penis / ego feel compensated, and all I got was this bonfire.


Rev engine to grab attention. Succeed.



Aren’t you supposed to deploy the hazard warning triangle?