Bird's eye view of a Lamborghini catching fire


Well, the only way to put out a magnesium fire is with a load of cement or sand. Water will work just as “well” as in a fat fire. Although the explosion might blow out the fire.


I liked when the driver tossed the inadequate fire extinguisher behind him in disgust.

Although the schadenfreude was mighty tasty.


They’re just copying Ferrari.



From the first link: “It’s usually the nut behind the wheel than the car to blame.”

LMAO! Too true. It seems like whenever there’s video of a supercar-b-que, pointless revving is a factor.


Rack of Lamb-orghini.


Fighting vehicle fires is harder than it looks:


Meh. If it had been a Miura, i’d a been upset.


I bet the fire engine got better mileage.


I used to belong to our local volunteer (rural) fire brigade and all I could hear once that truck turned up was my erstwhile Captain saying “that’s some pretty shitty hosework right there”.


Do not watch the opening sequence of the 1969 The Italian Job.


None of this timewasting ‘if’ nonsense I see. Straight to the ‘when’.


That camera couldn’t have been more perfectly placed. Or maybe the driver thought “Am I in frame now?”


I hear that. I added oil to a hot engine once and through a weird series of events got hit on the head by the descending hood of the car as I did so. Couple seconds after I spilled that cup of 10W40 down the side of the block, and onto the near-glowing manifold I had my extinguisher out from the back. The oil burned a bit, but it was a volvo with so many miles on it that I never even bothered to replace the singed wires to the plugs. My passenger (did I mention I was on the side of the interstate) locked eyes with me as I put the hood back down - and I realized I had a pretty cool friend there, sitting patiently through a car fire. NBD.


I’ve seen it. Too late!


I’m thinking a Lambo driver would be better off carrying a bag of sand under the hood.


Hey - Seattle! That’s coming off I-5 under the convention center.


Nice of him to get it out of the tunnel before it conflagrates!


I don’t consider myself to be a fan of burning car videos, but this video of a fuck-you-I’m-part-of-the-one-percent car burning was really satisfying to watch.

  1. He used his fire suppression kit, then borrowed another. My heap isn’t insured, but I don’t know that I would have done more than that guy did.

  2. If my 200K dollar car burned down, I’d love to have a vid like this to help make my case against insurance arson.

  3. All that said, I wonder if he went and sincerely thanked that business owner that gave him the extinguisher.

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