Car harpoon releases tear gas

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I put in my application to join the force, but I didn’t hear back from them. I included references.


Just came here to say: CARPOON.


Call me Ishmael. Officer Ishmael.


Beat me to it.
Cut to scene of police chief nailing a gold doubloon to a police car aerial and promising it to the man who spots Mika the Great White Burglar, who shot his leg during a shoot-out in which Mika escaped. After hundreds of pages of Scandinavian gloom and depression, things get worse before they don’t get better.

[edit - to be published in English translation entitled Morbid Dick .]


Chief Ahab has been chasing that white Cadillac for so long some people think it’s driven him mad.


Wonder what would happen if a perp was beside that door, or a hostage in that trunk.


Why hasn’t Applied Dynamics or Raytheon come up with the EMP version of this? Something that could deploy, grab vehicles body, then do something to disable the vehicle electronics/ignition/engine chip.

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My guess is you could roll down the windows, and in a high speed chase it would probably vent fast. Should replace the gas instead with a fast expanding foam, then when the car inevitably crashes at full speed the driver can be removed from the burning twisted wreckage, safe and snug in their foam packing.


Nah. As a friend has postulated, we drive badly because we’re comfortable enough to do so. A ten-inch stainless steel spike protruding from the steering wheel and pointing directly at the driver’s chest would be a better step than a…thank you @Inox…CarPoon.


Because vehicle electronics need to be as EMP hardened as possible already, just to withstand the increasing energy in ignition, injector solenoids, and all the other gubbins? No sense in having an EMP weapon against cars if (a) it destroys all the mobile phones, masts and so on in the vicinity and (b) you need a neutron bomb to get the energy levels.

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He’s not mad. Ask Lieutenant Starbuck, who is absolutely not thinking of leaving the force to run a coffee shop, and not at all worried that if he does Chief Ahab will test the carpoon on him, first.



Much as I hate to say it; probably because GM and friends are already including the feature directly in the car; and billing it as a feature you get to pay for a subscription to:

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown®
OnStar can send a Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® signal to help authorities recover your vehicle and reduce high- speed pursuits. Once the police confirm that conditions are safe, we can send a signal that gradually slows the vehicle. The police can move in quickly, and it won’t be long before you’re headed out in your recovered car.

Still lots of legacy models on the roads; but your vendor having a permanent interface to your ECU for the entire life of the vehicle is no longer an exotic feature; and getting more common over time.

That’s a whale of a tale.


The device was never widely adopted.

So that means that there might be a few out there…

I wonder what my chances are for scoring one at a police auction.

Purely as a conversation piece.

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I always wanted to put a tank of CO2 or N in the trunk, and release a big cloud of it into the engine intake of tailgaters. Cut off the oxygen, idiot’s car stops. Maybe add a little H2S for fun.

Ah, probably wouldn’t work at highway speeds. :disappointed:


This is as silly as Castro’s exploding cigar. However, the music is suh-weet!

What could possibly go wrong?

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Because e2v beat them to it? :slight_smile: