Car harpoon releases tear gas

It’s good to know that other countries can also come up with insanely stupid, dangerous, irresponsible ideas.


Yes, but, they decided not to use it… :smiley:


No, it said it wasn’t widely adopted, meaning that it apparently was used somewhere. I hope it was stopped before someone speared a child strapped into a baby carrier in the back seat.

Yeah, but TFA ruins my joke. I mean, really, what’s more important here?

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You mean that?


Personal aside:

Just add an exhaust flamethrower and whatever passes for an alarm system in South Africa nowadays and we’ve got a decent Autoduel rig.


Fixed it for ya’.

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I concede that this would be a delicate situation, and certainly one that might dissuade drivers from fleeing, but then again what you describe here could just be a Wash.

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Baww… This time I was hoping that it was an Amazon affiliate link!


The car harpoon looks like it would be similar to bumper spikes (UACfH, p. 41), but the ability to hang onto the target and pump tear gas inside is way beyond normal CW rules. Although since current cars are woefully under armored, that does mean the harpoons might not be that strong. Maybe something from Chassis and Crossbows?

Hmm … as I was typing that, I wondered if there had been any Uncle Albert’s updates since UACfH was released in … GAH! … 1992? OK, so a quick Google later, I found this in the Pyramid archives. The Drag Chute Harpoon might be a good start, even if it’s not the exact same thing.

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I like you.

Too soon, though.

It’ll always be too soon, really. I actually watched Buffy after Firefly and Serenity. I couldn’t help but notice that Joss seems to have a thing for impaling characters like that.

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Awww, thank you. :smile:

I didn’t develop it, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t promote the Combat Garage, online CW car designer. Now I just wish I had a local game at which to play. Last Free Comic Book Day, I did notice that Steve has (re-)re-released Car Wars. It may be time to look for players again … or see if the PBEM game has a slot open for the next game.

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Re-re-released, eh? I think they could use some Wizards of the Coast D&D reboot-style streamlining.

The car+gun concept is so obvious and the retro-future setting such corny, satirical fun I’ve always wondered how the heck no one managed to make a proper Car Wars:

Movie / TV series; all the other 80s IPs have been tried anyway, so why not. Makes more sense than freaking Battleship.

A faithful Strategy-RPG computer game (well, apart from Autoduel way back in 1985 I guess). I’m thinking XCOM with Thundercat engines, but if a realtime Star Control type thing works (or something else entirely), then fine.

A worthy drivey-shooty action game. And not some lukewarm sandbox Mad Max affair, either. Have we forgotten how to make things fun? Heck, just hire the Interstate '76 team again and it should be all right.

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I had to look up the current state of Car Wars. (It’s been years since I was a MiB, so I don’t have to keep up with current games these days!) Apparently, the most recent release is Car Wars Classic - so basic CW with all the other releases stripped out, but compatible with the various weapons catalogs and the like for those of us who spent far more money than we should have back in the late 80’s and 90’s.

I also recall “Car Wars 5th Edition” which didn’t do quite so well. (It came out while I was an active MiB. I actually won a contest to be a named NPC, but 5th edition didn’t go far enough for me to collect on that … dangit.)

I had that on my Amiga 500. I would love something like that again, or even a port that would run on a current system. (I have can install DosBox …)

Now this … if I can find it … hmm. Ah ha! Darkwind: War on Wheels is heavily influenced by Car Wars. You do have to download a client, but I recall it being well worth it. I haven’t tried it in a while, as they don’t have a Linux client, but I may have to see if I can get it running under WINE.

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Does it work against cars with carburetors?
What about trucks with diesel engines?

AliBaba, maybe.

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