Watch a time-lapse video of this large geometric tattoo in the making

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Invariably I get a question or two about my sailing days ink by folks that want a tattoo, I have full sleeves on both arms. I always ask “Have you ever been stung by a bee? Because that what it’s like for hours and hours.”. Good luck and don’t forget to write!


Nice work. I clicked over to the site and wow do those giant patterns ever make my screen (and poor olde brain) go wild. I spent about 5 minutes scrolling up and down, sometimes rapidly, sometimes slowly. The work page is pretty incredible actually. That guy with the full body stocking geometric tattoo is pretty damn intense. Lots of them give me a ‘techno-Maori’ vibe. And here I’ll plug a favorite author that this reminds me of: Terry Dowling’s Twilight Beach / Tom Rynosseros series. Superb. Other-worldly. I could see why he and Jack Vance were friends. =`D


Not Lewinski, but Lewisink (Lewis Ink).

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