Watch a toilet-trained cow who gets a treat after doing its business

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MooLoo? Cowmmode


Scientists involved in the study, which involved 16 cows (of which 11 were toilet trainable), said “the calves showed a level of performance comparable to that of children and superior to that of very young children.”

We have slews of adults in the post-developed world who are stubbornly putting the rest of the world at risk over wearing a mask to hinder infections of COVID, and we think these cows are only as clever as their children?

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So more stick, less carrot? I’m good with that…


Or just replacing the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers with cows. It could work!

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Moo-reffic! Our new motto!



My dad grew up on a farm, and assured me that a) cows are smarter than you’d think, about on par with horses, and b) cows are evil, as they knew when he’d be walking down the driveway after school, line up, and let loose with freshly manufactured (i.e. liquid) manure at him. So this video doesn’t really surprise me, though I’m now wondering if those cows dad told me about had figured out their eventual fate, and were taking pre-emptive revenge.


First thing I thought was to route the poo to some sort of methane composter for power generation.

Plot twist: the treats make them fart and release even more methane

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My first thought was Fish Biscuits.

So in an alternative reality simultaneous urination would be a stampeed?

My concern is that, after teaching them the genteel form of defecation, these poor cows will suffer their first real experience of shame when they are out on the south 40 munching down on a lucerne feast and find themselves in urgent need of a shit but too far to make it to the toilet. How can we do that to them?

My first thought was Fish Biscuits.

OTOH Fish Milkshakes?

But what does the cow have to say about Devin Nunes? Was the urination both eliminatory and editorial at the same time?

But can they train them to poop there, too?

Toilet Bowlvine?

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