Adorable cow thinks he's a dog as he paddles around a swimming pool (video)

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Its all fun and games until the cow poops in the pool…


So the fact that bovines like swimming makes them dogs?

Good grief!

I think it’s about how cows this cow uses the “dog paddle”. I’m pretty sure any 4-legged animal with a dog-like arrangement of limbs will use that stroke. Shoulder joint restrictions make back- or front-crawls, butterfly, or pretty much any other stroke impossible.

Came here to mention the poo problem, but @Mister44 beat me to it.

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So any animal with that arrangement of limbs and this swimming that way, thinks it is a dog?

(Yeah, I’m having a cynical morning and this canine anthropomorphism irks me somewhat. Lazy clickbait headline. “Cow swims around owner’s pool with him” would have got me to click through just the same.)

Confused farmboy here.

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