Watch a tsetse fly birth a shockingly big larva. Gross! Amazing!

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Tsetse fly: the Tardis of the insect world.


I had a day-after-burrito experience that felt like that - but mine had more corn in it.

Aw its so cute! Looks just like its father too! Who’s mommy’s little larva

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Part of me kinda wants the tetsi fly left alone. Huge swaths of wildlands with be turned to farming and pastureland, and lots of charismatic megafauna that is tolerant of tetsi fly bites is going to go away - if/when humans no longer have to worry about getting sick there. No government policy has ever been implemented with the protective power of that fly.

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The completely disgusting miracle of life.

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This needs a chaser.


I had a research job in a UK tropical medicine school some years back (name withheld to protect the innocent/guilty). There was a group there working on tsetse fly biology with respect to Trypanosome transmission. Very occasionally a fly would escape (fortunately not the disease-carrying ones), and would invariably end up occupying an elevator, waiting for victims. It was elevator Russian roulette that place. And yeah, the bite hurts like stink.

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