Watch: a walkthrough of the incredible installation at the Japan pavilion at the Venice Biennale

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The red thread of fate brings together destined lovers, but I have no idea what it does with thousands of keys.

Oh my god, Cory. That is amazing.

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Left over from the thousands of padlocks placed on bridges by destined lovers to symbolise their bondedness (until the city maintenance people boltcut them off to keep the bridges from collapsing).

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That’s pretty damn cool.

The Doge’s palace didn’t impress?

So opulence. Much baroque.


Little known fact: if workers cut the locks off, the couple breaks up, and in some cases they die within minutes.


Yeah but the artifacts inside are impressive.

Wow! So cool! My brother and I used to do almost exactly the same thing with yarn and a bedroom, thanks to tolerant parents. We’d string so many balls of yard trough every available anchor point and make a huge 3D web of the whole room.

Let your kids do it! Just mind the mess it can make when you accidentally crash into it and it yanks everything onto the floor.

Perhaps the red threads and boat is a visual pun for blood vessel, with the iron keys as hemoglobin?

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