Watch a young Henry Thomas's audition for "E.T."

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I’m glad he’s back acting… Henry Thomas is great…

the haunting of hill house GIF by NETFLIX

Looking at his filmography, I guess he never really went away, but I didn’t remember seeing him in anything for years prior to his recent work with Mike Flanagan.


this clip comes around from time to time, and every time i am moved by it. he was so perfect for that role.

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I think it’s up to the taste of the viewer. I’ve always thought he was a fantastic adult actor, too (Niagra, Niagra), but he’s been in so many things that didn’t interest me over the past decade or so. Such is the life of an actor…you have to follow the money.


The boy was great, dead-on pure kid’s heart responding to a grown-up and knows he’s being lied to.

Don’t watch the sequel. Watch the original:

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