Watch: Adorable 80s kid overjoyed with the gift of Nintendo

seriously though, a catalyst 2600 series with nothing wrong with it is like $500. That’s a lot more than a Nintendo Switch.

Don’t like it? We’ll, let’s see if this ‘switch’ changes your perspective, young man.


My dad believed in corporal punishment. I remember having to cut bamboo switches for myself, and of course, if it wasn’t a good one…

I had to play the video to make sure it wasn’t me.

One year my parents got my brother and I an Atari 5200. They had it all set up on the floor in front of the TV and my brother and I didn’t notice because we were so focused on the Tree.


This scene is right out of my house circa 1983 (minus the camcorder). Crying, outbursts of excitement, and hugging were admonished as Not Manly. And I think I tried to guiltily pay my parents back for an expensive gift at least once.

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The 80s cherry on top is ‘Ghostbusters’ playing in the background.

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There’s these things called jokes.

Yep! that was dads clue to pick the little mutt up and hug him tight, just that great frosting on the cake of" I love you son". The boy is so hungry for it he offers to pay for the gift so dad will appreciate him more.

Plus hugging a goofy little kid is a great way to lower blood pressure and increase manly looking smile wrinkles.


I remember when my parents bought me an NES for Christmas. It was funny because we rented a few games from the local grocery store (Fester’s Quest is one I remember). It’s one of those moments you rarely forget because honestly it was fun playing with my parents on it.

Fester’s Quest. I have a real big love/hate relationship with it.


Vice grips, amirite?

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