Santa Letter, 1984


The kid wants a Greek palace? I thought I was greedy.

But maybe after his lucrative career as a sign maker


I had the GI Joe Jeep, if kiddo’s asking for the same one I’m thinking of. It was my favorite toy. Independent suspension and a motion sensor activated chain gun.

Oh man, I wanted an N-4-SR too.

It’s a rare find these days


What can you do for Brown?


I wonder if this is the hovercraft he was talking about? I remember wanting one SO BADLY, and then my buddy got one and it broke in like 3 days and I didn’t feel so bad for not getting one:

Actually… 1984 might have been a bit early for that one. I feel like it was a late 80’s toy.

Hey, at least he didn’t demand Metatron.

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Merry Christmas, kid!


I’m guessing this, which I had and loved:

Not an actual hovercraft or RC, however.


“Dear Santa, Youz better not for’ged’a’bout my stuff ya hear, I’z knowz wherez youz livez! I’ve been a good fella all year youz see…”

it always pays to have a few elves on the payroll that could make a reindeer accident happen if he doesn’t pony up.

This isn’t a letter to Santa. This is a drawing of a letter to Santa. Look at the binder holes. Part of me wonders why this artist’s work is so focused on the era of his childhood.

You appear to be right. The letter is dated 1984, yet the video above says it came out in 1985. As does the Transformers wiki.
It could have been advertised in advance I suppose, but it makes the letter totally crap if it’s supposed to be “art”, rather than a genuine original.
Anybody know what happened to Maggie? Did I miss something?

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