Watch adorable kid trying to get apology from Pence for elbowing him in the face


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Ah, the old pizzicato strings wacky kid motif.


I’m just surprised Pence didn’t eat the children.


The kid’s lucky he wasn’t arrested or shot.


Pence was ignoring him in order to hug all the little girls. Even when the kid finally got his attention, he barely touched him on the head and while saying “I’m sorry I bopped you” was already turning away to gush over yet another little girl.

I’m not saying he’s a pedophile. I’m saying that it is ingrained in his behavior to think of females as there to be hugged. They’re so cute, after all. He doesn’t want to actually have a conversation with a child…they don’t even vote, for heavens’ sakes. Just hug the cute ones, for the photo op.


Well, it’s not like he’s going to go to dinner alone with them.


I think this thread is done now.
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Oh go ahead and say it.


I think he owes all of us an apology…


No, I’m really not. It’s the banality of thinking half of the population exists to be lap dogs for you: cute, cuddly, not serious.

He ignored the boy trying, very politely, to talk to him. For a significant amount of time. That’s the flip-side of sexism, and it should bother everyone too. It’s not merely about sex.


Good point. I didn’t see it. :confused:


If it had been Trump instead of Pence then he would have responded to the request for an apology by spending the next several days trashing the kid on Twitter.

Come to think of it he may anyway. This could be a repeat of the Hamilton debacle.


Nose Bop Kid 2044.


“Nevertheless, he persisted.”

Know your meme! :stuck_out_tongue:


Pence would be a really really nice uncle if he wasn’t an evil politician.


the kid’s lucky - reporters are going to jail for less these days.


just might have been bought up by parents that point technique out in some form
another kid just might kick the blitter in the shinny shin shin


Does anybody know if the kid is still alive and well or has he been sent off to a re-education camp? The boy has gotta lot of nerve expecting to be treated as a human being with genuine feelings. Dear god I love a kid like that…to be that young, realize he’s been offended and then stands up for himself. You’ve got great stuff in you and I expect some great adults that have instilled a healthy sense of values. He’s the stuff of role models. I hope his courage doesn’t end up causing his parents problems by this vindictive bunch of cretins in power


I don’t owe you nothin! That bop was a pre-existing condition!