Watch an adorable sphynx cat get deep cleaned

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Girl with the Dogs is so damn good!
It’s currently one of my favourite YouTube channels, as she’s incredibly good with the animals, offers a lot of really useful and interesting insight and is genuinely funny.

Plus, she grooms for free, instead making money off of the YouTube views.
Just one of the most feelgood channels out there.

This video in particular has all sorts of interesting info about Sphynx cats, such as because of the lack of hair, they’re incredibly affectionate because they love body warmth, while also highlighting how high-maintenance they are and advising people against getting them unless they’re prepared to pay special attention to the cat’s needs.


I’m definitely a stray cat type of person; they have just enough needs for me to attend to, but not too much.

That said, that kitten is flippin’ adorable, and I’d probably just add a third cup to my bra to tote it around. :joy:


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