Cat bath rapper

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Dude got skills. . . cat washing skills.


Finally, a YouTube video where the title actually reflects exactly what is in the video.

I’m not disappointed, either. My day has been made.


I don’t expose my genitals to cats while I am actively making them wet, but that’s just me.


Cute laugh, but too bad it’s interspersed with the pitiful wails of Ravioli.

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Needs more ravioli.

Yeah, the only explanation is that this guy never bathed a cat before making this…and he TOTALLY LUCKED OUT.

We used to have cats, and, come to think of it, I can’t remember intentionally exposing my genitals to them under any conditions.

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You can see he’s wearing some kinda lycra pants in the video though, so I think he’s (ahem) covered.

Also, that cat? Is a Cornish Rex or Devon Rex–some kinda rex, anyway–and they require bathing for their health. Their short curly coat can trap oils and skin irritants, so some Rex owners (like Sphynx owners) need to bathe their cats frequently. The cat is used to it.

/cat pedantry


He’s a good catdad. You should see some of his pics on Twitter with the rest of his cats. :slight_smile:

this is obviously a cat lord, probably hoping to one day find his one and only cat lady


I usually pride myself on my knowledge of cats. But I didn’t know that, thanks!

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