This cat loves being dried off after a nice bath

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I can imagine a cat enjoying the heat of a dryer, but the bath? Nope. :pouting_cat:


ok stand aside(!) i speak cat… and admittedly this a Mandarin dialect, but it’s mostly clear:

I hate you… all… and i’ll have my … revenge… starting with your stupid… (?)house plant… and if you do this to me again… there will be urine so far up your (?)bedroom wall…

then the video cuts out.


The fact that this machine is a purpose-built pet dryer is making me have a dissociative episode


Stranger things have happened:

That’s not the original vid I was looking for, though.


Maybe not, but still purdy darned good.


That Cat Finally Found Something New

‘If only I had something new to do,’
she mused, ‘some wander most adventurous
like when the nearby fields grew tall
towering greens from which wild fowl fed and flew
as a feisty feline and precocious
I must have a venue change or else climb the wall!’
She walked along the window pane
and looked out to neighbouring homes
where she hoped to find something
new, something beyond the back lane
rocky road where she often roams
with her green eyes wide and wandering.
When her attention was caught
by the towering dark roof
of the local convenience store
the cat at once decided she ought
to climb to its black peak as more proof
of her worth to those who already her adore.
Out the door, through adjoining yards she went
glancing round this and that corner
going over then under fences small and tall
till she stood at the wall she meant
to surmount as a foreigner
without fear (though windy it was) she may fall.
She looked passed blown leaves at two garbage cans
standing beside a wooden shed
right next to the store painted so pink
and up she jumped, her clawed feet and hands
reaching each peak by but a thread
yet of no better place she could think.
Having achieved her hazardous climb
she contemplated some swaying trees
unaware her human hostess stood near
at a bus stop, as passed the time
the woman looked up only to freeze
seeing her beloved black feline knowing no fear!
Thus the feline had done something big and new
and not seeing her master’s silent stare
descended and went home more than content
for from this day excitement the cat drew
indeed deciding she’d again climb—dare
herself to ascend any site worthy of her scent.


I remember when our cat got sprayed by a skunk (indoor cat! Door had unlatched overnight. We got off easy.) I got all suited up in coveralls and other protective gear to bathe him thinking he was going to tear me to shreds. Turns out the kitties are not so averse to the baths when they know they’ve been sullied. They want to be clean. At least mine did. :heart:


Cats do enjoy baths, but the water has to be VERY warm. As in almost hot to a human. If the water feels comfortable to you, it’s too cold. It has to be really close to the threshold of tolerance.

Don’t forget that domestic cats were originally desert critters.


At first I thought that was some kind of surgical instrument sterilizer box. :scream_cat:

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All my cats love getting baths… now i dont really care for all that fur on my tongue… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :heart_eyes_cat:


I bet that feels so good, though. :relaxed:


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