Cat who is getting a bath says “no more”


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In spite of his pleading, she still mercilessly cleanses him.


aww, torties are so awesome. i miss mine. i only gave her a bath once in her life (fleas, ugh!) and she looked so scared, sad, and miserable that i vowed to never do it again.


Somehow the story of the mind-controlled mouse with the optogenetic brain didn’t bother me much at all. But looking at the cat, clearly suffering its fate, was far worse. I wanted someone to hold and dry (and warm) the cat, NOW. Every second was a torture to watch.

And even though I know the cat is going to be okay – and the mouse, well, not so much. Interesting psychology, huh? Brains are weird.



Did you know cats bathe themselves? It’s true - you can look it up!


This is obviously torture! Videos like this just encourage people to bathe their cats more.


I see what you did there, Henri.


“You are soapy, and you’re shiv’ring,” said I, to my moggie quiv’ring,
“Trust me, soon I’ll be deliv’ring towels fluffy, hugs galore,
Rash assumptions you are making, your face sets my heart to breaking,
As you cower, wet and shaking, all to keep me from my chore.
You must let me rinse the soap out” — but in vain did I implore;—
Quoth the pussy cat, “No more!”


We had a wood stove at my parent’s house and during the summer the cat used it as a platform to survey the living room. The first time we used it in the winter there was this horrible noise from the cat, then a series of thumps as it ricocheted off various walls in the house before it came to a rest under the kitchen table.

Standard treatment for burn injuries is immediate immersion in cold water so I grabbed the cat and headed for the bath room. Bathing a healthy cat is one thing but immersing an injured and terrified cat is something else entirely.

Cats are not smart animals. For the next six months the cat kept an eye on the stove lest it jump out and deliver horrible burns again.


:frowning: Not cool.


Your response to the video is called “empathy” and that’s a good thing. If that was my cat and I saw it treated like this by the pet groomers…! Ha, ha, abuse the cat and then put the video on youtube.


Every time I have the misfortune to encounter a video of a miserable and angry cat being washed I wonder just what it is that makes people do such a pointless thing in the first place.


Just more evidence that torture just gives you the answer that the victim thinks will stop the torture, rather than the truth.


Not enough faves. You have won tonight’s Internets Game, sir.


There’s a point sometimes. My last cat somehow got into a false wall we didn’t know about that led to a decommissioned fuel oil tank that the previous owners didn’t bother draining. She showed up for dinner with a mind-bending amount of toxic black sludge caked into her fur, I guess from rubbing up against the tank.

So we had to degrease her in the bath tub, collect the water and take it to the hazardous waste station.

She was very unhappy during the bath (she was mostly feral, and didn’t like being touched most of the time), but we’d rather bathe her and endure the biting and scratching than let her poison herself trying to lick it all off. And she wouldn’t have been able to make a dent in it if she tried to lick herself clean anyway.



The only time I’ve intentionally washed a cat was when she jumped off a fence into a can of paint we were using to paint the fence. My husband had to hold her while I sprayed her with the hose before the paint dried. I got the easy job.


And yet, here is a cat who is not only okay with being in the bath, but keeps getting back in after being taken out…


I wonder if this is an older cat. My dear cat enjoyed being in warm water at the end. I assumed it felt good on his achy bones. It was hard to keep him out of the bath.