Watch an architect build a beautiful house in Minecraft

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Fugly riffs on mid-c modern ftw


Seeing him at the end carrying the flint and steel made me want to burn down his house.

“So we can open these doors…”

“And these sliding glass doors…”

Minecraft has its limitations.


I’d never heard anyone pronounce clerestory before.

So I looked it up, and he’s right: “clear-story.”

I think I always assumed it was “cluh-RES-tory.” Or maybe “CLARE-uh-story.”

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I love the beauty and thoughtfulness of the siting. If he goes into this full time he should pay attention to other Minecraft Mansion must-haves:

  • Master Mineshaft
  • His and Hers Treasure Chests
  • Detached Forge
  • Inground Nether Portal
  • Automated Redwire Security System

Yes, it’s one of those words that makes no sense if you only see it written down but once you’ve heard it pronounced, it’s obvious.

It’s a storey of a building that is clear.

Let’s see your building permission, buddy.

I assumed he was right. He is an architect, after all.

Sometimes property in a virtuality affects your life and costs the same as a real one So maybe we should all build houses there.
I don’t know what is more profitable, when you buy a house in a real world, for example, in Germany or Spain and then rent it out, or sell it, or just own it. Or in a virtuality, and also you can make a profit from your property there.

Had a similar feel when I went to SVP and first heard the word acetabulum said out loud.

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