Watch: attempt to break into police station is unsuccessful


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Which Cabinet position is this fellow currently occupying?


Home Office, obviously.


Didn’t he see the PUSH sign?


See also: “Idiot try’s to write caption with correct punctuation”


… he does know they have surveillance cameras right? Right?


So are we dropping the old terminology, “handle-capped” for newer words like “accessibility-challenged” for people like this?


I see two clear instances of temporal loop closure. This dude got his skateboard back AND the handle, scott-free.


I mean, it’s a foolproof crime really. One way or another you are going to end up on the inside…


Man, for a skateboarder, he took that fall pretty hard.


Not a lot of contextual support for the headline. I mean that could be a police station, rather than a random office building, and he does look like a skateboardin’ fool (a fool of some kind, anyway), but it could be any fool anywhere.


That’s right skatbro, break that steel shank in the door with your super strength! ROOAR…

Or, conversely, stop smoking meth?


Strongest thing that kid’s done is probably Capri Sun


Yeaahhh… he took a bit of a tumble, didn’t hit anything on anything but the floor and I didn’t see anything bend at a weird angle, he had way too much difficulty standing up.


Drugs are bad, mmkay?
Guy was so loaded he couldn’t even stand up. Surprised he realized it was a police station.


I’ve got to handle it to him. A Trump supporter, perhaps?

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