Watch bartenders try to guess who is under 21

To be fair, if you’ve gone bald by 15, you deserve a goddamn beer.


I had a gaming convention acquaintance like that, although I met him when he was an actual adult.

I had another friend start balding at 18 but I don’t know if he ever took advantage.


I had a friend who was greying in his teens. I met him early 20s and he was all salt and pepper already.


Oh, one of my best friends is from a family where all the women go grey in their early twenties, but really pretty silver.

She was already elfin but the silver streaks dial it up, she likes to do crazy colors but always leaves some pure grey showing.

It does not help with carding, I doubt many people believed it was natural at first site when she was in her 20s.


I think you’re missing a clause or something in that sentence. Maybe you mean a bar that doesn’t have a separate room, so that even sitting at a table eating a meal means sitting in the same room as the bar?

I had a friend who was bald like that in high school. His first marriage didn’t last, so he was back on the dating scene a little shy of 40 years old. He was so confident in comparison to other men his age who were just starting to lose their hair that he was MUCH more desirable (and got a much better match).


From the North Dakota area, by any chance? There’s one specific tribe with this genetic phenomenon: Mandan.

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That could be.

All I know is being under 21 and living in Indiana severely limited my dining choices.*

Of course, this law may be off the books by now.

*Being any age and in Indiana would also limit my dining choices. There’s only so much Olive Garden a person can take.


Yeah, my kids have never had a problem eating at restaurants there. Whatever nonsense that was when you were young, apparently they’ve fixed it.

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But was there a rule about separate dining areas and bar areas?

There was (is?) in Chicago, which is how I knew to ask about that.

Shuba’s (Belmont and Southport) can even host children’s concerts (and parties, I assume) because they have a performance space (with stage, even) which is entirely separate from the bar.

Oh, I see what you mean. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a bar to eat with the kids, so the theory has never been tested.

It doesn’t even have to be a bar. Just a restaurant where alcohol is served.

Nope, NOLA Jewish family, not sure about other ethnic roots.


It doesn’t really matter if there’s a doorman or not. If there isn’t one it’s up to the bartender to check ID. They’re not supposed to guess. In a lot of cities the bar can get in trouble with overzealous enforcement raids if there are even obviously overage people not carrying ID.

And the hand-marking may be one reason why long-sleeved shirts where in style when I was about 17-21. :laughing: Only the person who went up to the bar to buy the round had to show their hand.

At 18 I had a 21 year old girlfriend who often didn’t bother to carry her ID unless we were going to get booze. So I bought her cigarettes for her, and she bought my beer.

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I’m 45, and I’m told I look younger (though I think time is starting to catch up with me.) When I colored my hair I got carded fairly often. And last summer, even with all the gray in my hair, I got carded at the grocery store for buying beer. I was grinning from ear to ear as I handed over my ID, and told the lady, “you just made my day.”

I refuse to give cashiers any grief over it. I work in retail, and I knew someone who lost their job for not carding people. Some stores have very strict rules-- they have to card, no matter what. And some registers need to have a date of birth entered before processing tobacco or alcohol sales. But I prefer to think of it as flattery, even if it makes me a little vain. :wink:


That reminds me of Fabrizio Ravanelli

He would have been 22-23 when that photo was taken, and he had been completely grey for ten years by then.


Most people would have said “Steve Martin”, but yeah, there are some people with the genetics for grey hair super early.

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Where I was growing up, there were three “bootleg joints” within easy walking distance of our house. My dad would actually send me over to purchase alcohol for him from the time I was about 12. Looking back, I’m kind of amazed that I didn’t really drink alcohol until I was in the USAF. (If you’re in the military, you can drink at the clubs on base that serve alcohol. I’m actually somewhat surprised that this isn’t used as a recruiting tool!)

As to the video, honestly, they all looked under 21 to me … actually I was thinking it was a group of 17 years old high school kids … including all but one of the bartenders!