Watch: baseball smashing into gallon jar of mayo at 1000 MPH

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I never knew I needed to watch something like this, but now I’m intrigued.


Have they ever discussed how they prevent the baseball from dropping or breaking? I’ve seen at least two of their baseball cannon videos, but I don’t remember them addressing it. Perhaps it’s just traveling too fast to have a quantifiable drift, but the ball also doesn’t appear to be spinning when it makes impact.

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The ball smashing into the sprinkles was beautiful, and reminded me of that Sony commerical with the bouncing colored balls.


They are three big kids, and I’m here for it. Really enjoy watching them make science fun.


That was awesome. Blowing stuff up is fun!

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Great stuff. But I hope they picked up every last single piece of broken glass!

? I think they were shooting at plastic containers.

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Ah - jars of mayo like that are typically glass, over here. But even so, way to create microplastics. Yaaay! :wink:

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A pendent might say it is a TUB of mayo, not a JAR of mayo.

If it was a jar, it looks like it would have been pounded into sand.

This inde-pendent pedant said jar because he thought it looked like a jar and was glass and was commenting on how jars are typically glass.

Also, tubs, to my mind, have pull-off lids.
Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 19.09.51

Not screw lids. Jars have screw lids.

So are plastic containers with screw on lids still jars, or tubs, or something else.

Jugs, perhaps?

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Glass jar, plastic tub, I feel, in general. (Bound to be some exceptions to test the rule.)

I’m just confused by this whole conversation. Don’t people just buy mayo by the bucket?


Not all people. I buy it by the 400g or 800g jar.

What’s the minimum quantity that qualifies as a bucketful?

There’s no minimum quantity, if you find yourself stuck with those dinky plastic jars and glass tubs you just open them up and dump the mayo into the mayo bucket, as god intended.

But the bucket would not be full, would it.

And, by the way, a bucket does not have a lid. Once it has a lid, it is a tub. :wink:

(Unless it is a glass container with a screw-top lid, and then it is a jar.)


I expect you’ll tell me next that these are pails. :roll_eyes:

Only if they can’t get it by the drum…



If that’s worrying you, try not to find out what happens when you do the laundry.