Watch: Beautiful stop motion watercolor animation


Jeff Scher is a genius. Please check out his other films at

I was lucky enough to assist him in the mid 90’s in his studio and I learned a lot about watercolor.

One thing I love about his rotoscoped films is that he always collaborates with the same musician Shaye Lynch - the audio/video work so so so well together.

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Thanks! I was going to ask about the song. Google Now didn’t know it.
[edit - and I guess I missed it at the beginning, derp. However - “Shaye”, as you spelled it, is a different person: a talented young woman singer/songwriter. “Shay” is the film score writer.]

Oops! Good catch.

Very beautiful.

But just a note about the description: It’s not ‘stop motion animation’.

Stop motion involves physical models or puppets or miniatures - things like Wallace & Gromit or Robot Chicken are ‘stop motion animation’.
This film, while visually a bit avant-garde, is still traditional 2D animation (or just ‘animation’).

Rotoscoping, now with subliminal advertising! Now I want a peanut butter sandwich.

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