Watch Bernie Sanders interview a couple of shopping mall goth kids in 1988

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@Mindysan33, is that you?


He didn’t get older, he got louder.


Big A, little A, bouncing B / The system might have got you but it won’t get me!

If those kids are like me, they are still on the far left, but more articulate about what that means.

In 1988 I was a punk rock anarchist too!


Hmmmm… I’ll ask some of my fellow Burlington Peeps, some of whom were involved in the punk scene around then, and let you know if I can find out.


Nice careful language, those kids.
I had a funny haircut too in '88.
I might still, if I had… well, you know…

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the gothy punky kids start at 14 mins in, for those interested. they were great – i love how they had this litany of buzzwords that they touched on. i remember being that kid. i wonder where they are now, and if they vote.

speaking of hairstyles, i’m continually impressed by Bernie’s decades-long commitment to sticking it to Big Comb. i also love how he treated each person so politely. i mean, i know he was the mayor, but he let each person speak their piece, and prodded them with questions that indicated he was paying attention to them, regardless of their age or anything. go Bernie.


Bernie, please:


Remember how they said that Hillary was the most qualified candidate ever? Nah. Bernie is way more qualified just on the basis of having run a cable access show while mayor of a mid-size city in the 80’s.


There’s another gem buried at the end (28:00 or so), Bernie’s endorsement of Toronto’s Ontario Place and his support for a similar park in Vermont. Sadly, the original has closed down since and is slated for redevelopment at the hands of Doug Ford. Bernie, help us save Ontario Place!


Mark - sure enough, Richard, a Facebook friend of mind knew both of the people in this video. I believe Richards was one of the founders of a place called 242 Main Street . 242 was a teen center/concert venue established by Bernie and his “Sandernistas” It was at the heart of the early Burlington punk scene back in the day. It’s also where my daughter went to Rock and Roll camp in the early 2000s (which is how I know Richard). If you wanna send me a private message I can get you in touch with him, and you might be able to track down the guy and the gal (who he says had the punk name “mink”). I think you can access my email. If not I’ll post a burner email here for you to contact me and I’ll try to get you in touch.

This VICE article talks about Bernie, 262 Main and the punk scene in Burlington


Found Him! You can contact the fellow in the video yourself. Folks on Facebook have already posted this link on his wall. His name is Mike Blair and it sounds like he’s still in touch with “mink.”\


This is why I like Bernie.

He just listens to people without immediately judging them or insulting them and actually really tries to hear a different viewpoint if he doesn’t understand. More than most people he seems to have an open mind even if he has one made up he’s always open to new interpretations and an inclusive vision that doesn’t cut anyone out of America, rather he finds a more comprehensive frame that allows everyone here to fit within it the way they already do or better.

There aren’t many elected officials who would go up and talk in seriousness even today to someone dressed like this. Bernie did it effortlessly and respectfully and thoughtfully only a few years after I was born, when punk was a very fresh and threatening thing for normies to deal with.

Every time I turn around someone is digging up something from this man’s past it just makes him look more genuine and righteous to me and I cannot say that about anyone else, in any field I can think of especially politics.

This is what I consider a mench, and an enlightened approach to intellegent caring discourse. The dude’s just solid, more than this dude, back as far as you wanna go.


It’s endearing how those goths aren’t super-articulate, but they’re trying to be earnest about the content of what they’re saying, and to root it in their own lived experience. In 2019, they’d probably have the woke rhetoric down pat, thanks to the internet, but that is perhaps at the expense of the genuineness.

‘Course, one major advantage of internet-age wokeness is that it actually has a political impact (with Bernie himself being one example).


Bernie has been talking about affordable healthcare sense the 80s!?

Guys Bernie is a sweet old man, that just wants to fix America, let’s let him.


So, anarkiddies. Not the worst kind who put bricks through windows with no concept of why they are doing it, but they are unlikely to have read Goldman and Kropotkin.


Hmmm. I went to high school and college in the eighties and I didn’t run across any of these “affable” goth kids. Sullen maybe, but not affable. :sunglasses:


I’ve never seen a goth who uses “heck” rather than “hell”

Well it is still Vermont. :slightly_smiling_face: