Bernie is a punk rocker


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Hometown (Burlington) product here- Bad Brains Bernie logo for the win:


I do not believe this headline is true.


But do you believe it to be accurate?


Agreed. It would be like imagining Ben Carson listening to “I Wanna Be Sedated”.


Actually Bernie has a closer connection to the punk rock scene than most people realize. Here’s a 2015 article explaining how Sanders and his wife helped get bands like Fugazi off the ground:

How Bernie Sanders Shaped the Northeast Punk Scene (Vice)


There’s actually a whole meme about how punk rock Bernie is.


Isn’t it necessary to negotiate the boundary between accuracte and inaccurate? If you believe something to be accurate, must I consent to your infantile acceptance of facile norms regarding the definition of accuracy? Isn’t this the place for you to question the very foundations of your unwitting, blind acceptance of social norms that I alone here am able to see as totally coercive and arbitrary? And for goodness sake, why can’t you see that I’m just asking questions here?



It is obviously a matter of ones own chosen proximity to a public telephone.


Worth pointing out that both Glen Danzig of The Misfits and Johnny Ramone (figure it out) are/were raging conservatives.


Maybe it all goes back to mommy issues?


Gawd, that song reminds me of my dead ex-boyfriend from HS! :frowning:


Oh…dead? Is that like, a tragedy, or a good story? I could use a good story. And my condolences otherwise. Though come to think of it, if he sang like that, especially to you… :slight_smile:

What I really hope you’re saying is that you just finally got too mad at or fed up with him.


No, sadly… it was a while after we broke up, and we were still friends. He and his fiancee were driving to ATL for a show, and got in a car wreck. He died and she was in a wheelchair for ages.

I love that gif, though!

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