Watch: carving a pencil from a pencil from a pencil

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this pleases me!


They say he carved it from a bigger pencil…


I liked the part where he carved the little pencils.



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wasn’t the drawing at the end an alt-right/white supremacy symbol?

no… i’ve never seen nor heard of it employed in that way.

It’s one of those schoolyard games that can be cruel but mostly innocuous, similar to “two for flinching” that boys play. You make the sort-of “OK” sign and rest it, say, on your knee while you’re casually sitting and speaking with your buddy. When their eyes eventually follow your arm down to this oddly placed hand and they alight on your gesture, you get to punch them on the shoulder. This leads to weeks of a group of boys making direct eye contact only until everyone gets tired of it and quits. then they all forget, and eventually someone starts it up again realizing they can bait people again.

In the context of the video: we watch the whole process culminating in using it to write a tiny note–wait, it’s too small to see, oh gosh what does it say, oh here it is…“Gotcha!”

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