Watch cat-haters bond with kittens

Our 1 year old moose has decided that peeing while standing up in his box is a cool thing to do… I figured that he would be the least likely one to have issues since he was spayed at the animal shelter at a very young age. Luckily his boxes are in the garage, so I just put pee pads on the wall behind them. We’re hoping that it is just a teenager thing…


Despite the fact that we always had cats, my dad was firmly anti-cat because he was severely mauled by his aunt’s Siamese when he was a little kid. That lasted until he was in his 60’s when a siamese-looking kitten decided that dad was his human – they became inseparable.


To bond with the cat, one must become the cat…


Every Siamese I’ve run into has been a nasty piece of work. Weirdly the Siamese mixes are all pretty cool.


That’s my cat. I don’t think I worked particularly hard to socialize him, but I must admit to spending a gobsmacking amount of time playing with him as a kitten. (When he was a kitten, not when I was a kitten.)


Yes and no. I’ve never had a cat that wasn’t a rescue or a barn cat. All of the rescues by me are grabbed up from feral cat colonies. And barn cats are basically feral cats with a purpose. No matter how early my family got a cat or started socializing it. Even sometimes from birth These guys are always much more aggressive than cats from other sources. They might well be affectionate as hell, in between assorted rowdiness and attempted murders. But often they turn out as absolute terrors, regardless of what you do. Which is good for a barn cat (their job is pest murder) but not so much for regular pet cats.


We have a standard seal point and a flame point Manx. Both are very quiet and very affectionate, but the seal point is only so to his adult humans. Neither could be described as a terror, nor as murderers.

Frankly, with our new kitteh tribe, I have no idea if they’ll be efficient small rodent murder machines, or not. Fingers crossed for efficient murder machines!


They will. Unless they’re the skittish sort.

Your average barn cat, and more than a few of the cats we’ve adopted from feral sources. Well they routinely take out rabbits, and the family has had a few that could take out raccoons on the regular. G-Ma claims to have had a barn cat that took out a neighbor’s dog (it was a nasty mother fucker so I believe it). A lot of cats like this I’ve run into can’t stand human contact, even when they’re otherwise nice cats. Or when they’re on the cuddly side, those are violent cuddles. Cats generally seem to run that spectrum. But cats closer to feral sources, seem to more often skew toward the angry end.

For people like that I want to yell at them to get some flushable litter and keep the box by the toilet. I scoop the litter box 2, sometimes 3 times a day - it’s really not that hard. Cats are happy, house doesn’t smell like animal waste.

As far as the litter bits on the floor, well that’s just a given, unfortunately. A small cordless vacuum or Swiffer can help there.


Beats taking fido for a walk at 9pm in the monsoon rains.

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