Watch: 'Clouds of Grace, Yosemite Water'


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So stoked to be heading there in two weeks. Every time I visit Yosemite National Park I wish I could travel back in time to give John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt a big bear hug for having the foresight to preserve that place for future generations. I know T.R. would probably respond by punching me in the face but it would be worth it.


Well put. As a Californian, it’s a point of pride for our fair state and one of the most lovely places on earth. As Americans, we should be proud of our National Park system as a whole.
The fact that we have collectively decided to set aside these special places for protection and for everyone to enjoy is a benefit to us all, even if one never steps foot in a park.


Ken Burns went so far as to declare the National Parks “America’s Best Idea” (a quote he paraphrased from historian Wallace Stegner). I have to admit that I can’t think of a better contender for that title.


I watched the whole series, it was brilliant - and the title is perfect.


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