This man sang “America The Beautiful” in every National Park in America

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I sang in the 3rd grade, so I have that going for me.

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I actually think this is sweet. Don’t ruin it for me and tell me he’s some sort of rabid Tea Partier! (Which I doubt, because then he’d be singing “God Bless America” instead.)


such a hopeful point. but i’m still anxious. : (

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Seems like a safe one…

"Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado." All NPS sites are free today in honor of MLK.Good reason to go to a mountaintop

— Conor Knighton (@conorknighton) January 16, 2017
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Which is nice


That was neat. Sadly, all the national parks I’ve visited have seemed rather run-down and underfunded (as contrasted with state parks).

Isle Royale’s probably my favorite just because the remoteness makes it seem less abused, but I’d probably rather be at Porcupine Mountains or Estivant Pines (or any of the other umpteen squillion protected areas in Copper Country).

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