Watch CNN reporter Clarissa Ward confront Russian military agent suspected of Navalny murder attempt

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да, здравствуйте! Добро пожаловать, заходи. Я сделаю чай…


“He doesn’t seem to want to talk to us…”



Amazing, a modern journalist who goes to where the news is, speaks the local language and asks questions…

we’ve had so-called “Russian experts” in our government who don’t even really speak Russian well.




If anyone is wondering how the FSB officers were identified:

Much of the information we used for our investigations could never be found in most Western countries, but in Russia, is readily available either for free or a fairly modest fee. Additionally, Russian email providers, such as and Rambler, and social networks, such as Vkontakte, are far less secure and privacy-focused than their Western equivalents, leading to frequent data leaks and robust search functions.

Due to porous data protection measures in Russia, it only takes some creative Googling (or Yandexing) and a few hundred euros worth of cryptocurrency to acquire telephone records with geolocation data, passenger manifests, and residential data. For the records contained within multi-gigabyte database files that are not already floating around the internet via torrent networks, there is a thriving black market to buy and sell data. The humans who manually fetch this data are often low-level employees at banks, telephone companies, and police departments. Often, these data merchants providing data to resellers or direct to customers are caught and face criminal charges. For other batches of records, there are automated services either within websites or through bots on the Telegram messaging service that entirely circumvent the necessity of a human conduit to provide sensitive personal data.


Ward is fluent in French and Italian, conversational in Russian, Arabic and Spanish and knows basic Mandarin Chinese.

And Russian isn’t even her best language.


How does that woman even manage to walk around with her ENORMOUS BRASS BALLS!?!? Seriously, this woman should be THE prime example of what a journalist is supposed to be. Salute!


Imagine doing the dirty work for a rich ass guy like Putin and you gotta live behind that ugly ass green door.


wow and to think she started on Fox News. Guess she got out in time.

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lol it’s probably radiation proof and can survive a direct hit from a bazooka shell

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I doubt it. Putin is more likely to kill this guy to cover-up than the reporter.

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Dang, that’s really impressive – both her courage and the skills. These are really not fellas I’d be eager to irritate.

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In other news, being a military assassin doesn’t seem to pay that much…

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Aren’t they attributing the antidote the paramedics gave him to saving him from the second attempt in the hospital?

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