Watch Courtney Love cover a Britney Spears song in support of the singer's legal battle

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Strange to see Love supporting a vulnerable female performer by appropriating a song, just after her attacking a different young female performer for allegedly appropriating her (very broad and unoriginal concept for) an album cover.

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It’s a cover… bands do it all the time.


Right? There are probably more songs with covers than without. I think the copyright covers the performance of the song, and not the song itself. That last sentence may or may not have been entirely unresearched…


…and egotistical artists also launch frivolous lawsuits over visual references they have no claim to? I think that was @girard’s point.

Liked this because the shit Britney went through was horrible, but yeah…


Doesn’t mean her covering a song is appropriation. It doesn’t make any sense as an analogy.

And yes, I’m aware of that story, too.


Remembered from The Straight Dope…Anyone can cover a song, although if one does it without permission (presumably from the current copyright holder, not necessarily the original writer) the copyright holder will get a higher royalty. (This pertains to recordings for sale, not live performance. I would think live performance would be covered by ASCAP, BMI, etc.)

However, the original writer can control who first releases a version of their work. But once that first release is put out there, anyone can record it.

There are additional rules for songs from stage musicals, something to do with not being able to take a song from one show and just insert it in another completely different show, but I’m hazy on the details there.


fwiw she didn’t sue, she just posted on twitter which probably generated press for both of them.

I’m not a Love fan personally, but I’m glad to see people drawing attention to what’s been happening to Spears all this time.


Yeah. It’s pretty fucked up… like something out of the 19th century.


yeah. very golden-age hollywood too. Cosby walks free after raping dozens and Spears gets to have her reproductive rights controlled by her father who has a device forcibly installed into his adult daughter to sterilize her.

Nice times we live in. Backlash? No no… never heard of it.


No of course it doesn’t make it appropriation, in either case.

Courtney’s trying to get into the Lifetime movie sequel. But good on her for doing something with a cause



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