Watch DARPA unveil untethered ATLAS for 2015 robotic challenge


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Neat. How long before we have Tetra Vaal?

Near future looks super exciting. I’m glad I should have at least 60 more years to go so I can see where things go with technology. Please, no one ruin my positiveness about this!


Cylon V0.3

Lucky you. I’m not holding my breath for another 60 (wait…that’s probably the wrong phrase to use) but if I can manage 40 more I too am looking forward to how different things may be. Or not. I guess it depends on where we take it (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Interesting editorial on legal ramifications of autonomous “devices”.
Schneier on Security: When Thinking Machines Break the Law
What happens when ATLAS jaywalks?

A machine that thinks won't always think in the ways we want it to. And we're not ready for the ramifications of that.

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