Watch David Blaine do magic for Kanye, Woody Harrelson, Bryan Cranston, and Will Smith's family

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“I lost my erection entirely”


I want to know! Did he pierce his hand previously, so it could go through without making a wound? There’s always someone here that knows what’s going on.


Yeah, I really want to know how this works. Or if it’s just that he’s like one of those freakshow guys who have pre-pierced themselves, or what? They didn’t really say in the video if the hole was visible after the ice pick was taken out. He mentioned no blood, but no mention of a hole or not.

That would be my guess, given the absence of blood. Blaine has shown in previous stunts the he can and will put in the time training / developing his body to do old school stunts like that, and the very careful selection of the entry point indicates to me that its not a trick (in the sense of a special prop) but instead is a matter of preparing his body.

My favorite was Ricky Gervais’s perfectly reasonable reaction:

He keeps the same patter in all his versions.

Do you see how it looks like it’s going through my arm? Do you see how it really looks real? How am I doing it?
What do you mean “how are you doing it?” You’ve stuck a needle through your fucking arm!

It’s an interesting reversal of the usual magician’s patter, where the aim is to take some fake and make something seem real. Here he is taking something real, and using a patter to make it sound fake, and the effect is that it emphasizes its realness, and makes it even creepier.


I’ll just leave this here…

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Oh, how beautiful his communication part of the performance is. And the buildup.

I can only support his application for a vocal fry permit.

See- this is one of the things I love about magic: the joy of being tricked. People- all sorts of people (yes, even Kanye, apparently) know they’re being tricked and like it. It’s honest, and it’s a joy.
The trick here is that it’s not a trick. But because we just don’t want to accept it as truth, Blaine gets to play with our heads about it.

Spoiler Warning: They explain pretty clearly how David Blaine preforms/does this magic trick.

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Talk about devotion, right?

Holy crap. That just makes the trick all the more impressive! David Blaine has just jumped from entertaining to fucking awesome in my mind.

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David Blaine’s daily checklist:
Extend hand and arm holes
Hold breath
Shock treatments
Smash foot
Eyelid weights
Re break fibula
Ingest iocaine
Play with cards
Sit for twelve hours
Elbow calluses
Loosen the rib
Heat my earlobes
Hide a card in my bicuspid
Tighten the liver band
Continue elongating the tongue tendons
Improve working memory
Fast twitch muscle exercises
Pinky push-ups
Nose push-ups
Hang by fingernails
Eat more bugs
Continue perfecting lips-only dog whistle
Train the cerebrospinal fluid reservoir
Turn head all the way around exercises
Feed the fire ants
Pull jet with teeth
Call Joe


Wow, that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Kanye West was actually smiling. The piercing things was impressive too, but making Kanye West smile … now that’s a trick.


God damn. That is absolutely mental.

Harry Anderson did this trick in his cable special in 1986, which I’m pretty sure I saw on UK TV.

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