Watch: Dolly Parton impersonate Elvis Presley sing ing "All Shook Up" in 1983

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Dolly Parton is delightful

Period -endstop. This was truly wonderful.


OK, so when she makes the comment about only showing her from the neck up then cut to that guy lolling his tongue in his cheek… creepy, all caps.


While I’ve been aware of Dolly Parton almost my entire life, it’s only been over the past few years that I’ve really come to appreciate what a kind, decent, and amazing human being she is. From her wide-ranging philanthropic work to the charming and classy way she navigated Barbara Walters being nasty to her, she never ceases to impress me. Seemingly every new thing I learn about her or clip I see of her just makes me like her more.

Thanks for sharing this one, Mark. It’s a good one.


“Lordy lordy!”

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LOVE Dolly.

That said, I really prefer Suzi Quatro’s version of the Elvis song; particularly how she didn’t bother to adjust the lyrics to be ‘gender correct…’


The Goddess mortals know as Ms Quatro is from a musical family who lived on Detroit’s lower east side. Mom said her brother Michael, a pianist and a real piece of work, wore a full-length black cape (w/red lining) everywhere he went during the 60s and 70s. His son Mickey came to our housewarming party (sporting red plaid Boy of London bondage trousers) when we moved in here 38 years ago.

She had a sadly too-small but amusing AF role in the Midsomer Murders episode The Axeman Cometh.

A docco about her is currently available on prime.


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