Watch Donald Glover gush over Abbott Elementary

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These days I wonder if the appeal of network TV to showrunners is as much about finding creative ways to circumvent the still prudish and risk-averse constraints imposed by standards and practises (i.e. the censors and suits) as it is about reaching a potentially huge audience.


Writer, “So that’s my pitch for the show. What do you think?”
Producer, “What did you say the working title is?”
Writer, “The Aristocrats!”


If you haven’t seen it, “Abbott Elementary” is quite good. We watched the first season as a family (kids are 11 and 7) and everyone really enjoyed it and looked forward to it each week. Very much looking forward to what they do next season. :slight_smile:

Side note: “Run the Burbs” was pretty dang good, too. These two shows were our “Friday night pizza and TV” schedule for the past few months.


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