Watch: Every year since 2017, Trump has led his CPAC crowd in chanting "lock her up"

Is there a group of people more deserving of the term “sheeple” (among other terms)?


Ironically, they’d be the first people to use that term to describe anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.


What a loser.


Why even pretend it’s political. Just a bunch of shallow, self-absorbed nihilists looking for a cheap endorphin rush.


I think it’s an insult to sheep at this point.


Two cents from a (former) music teacher –
The content of the chant is not the point. The point of chanting is what it does to your brain as you’re participating. To the primal part of your brain, it absolutely doesn’t matter what the words are; it could be (especially in elementary music class) complete non-sense and still be effective at uniting and energizing a group.

What I don’t get, is why aren’t democrats chanting more? Not everything has to be a thoughtful, nuanced position statement.



Republicans won’t bother with excuses when they start anyway.

There is nothing a non republican can do that republicans won’t spin as unfair or wrong.

Sure dems are shit, but they generally have the ability to recognize a positive attribute in an opponent.

To a republican anything but slathering loyalty to trump is either betrayal or weakness.

We shouldn’t care even slightly how republicans will react when decent people do anything. Republican opinions are meaningless and don’t really matter anyway. They’re in the minority by a few million.

The dems should be spending all their time right now cracking down on and dismantling all GOP operations through all legal means.

Because when the republicans (likely will) win in 2022 and 2024, they sure as SHIT won’t be fighting for democracy, be at all interested in governing, or show any mercy at all to decent people.


It is worth noting that this year is special, because even if you assume Clinton committed all of the email related crimes she’s accused of, this year is the first CPAC where there is no legal basis to imprison her for them. As a non-capital federal crime the statute of limitations runs out after five years. Even if every email was classified, used for a bunch of fraudulent purposes, and they conspired with Loretta Lynch to cover it up, it still wouldn’t be fair game. There can be no claim, however tenuous that they are making a call for appropriate legal process. This is now undeniably only a call for imprisoning political enemies without even the figleaf of pretending a crime happened.


As if republicans care about the law. Or governance. Or human wellbeing.


They will still be chanting ‘Lock her up’ at the 2087 CPAC where they will long have forgotten who ‘her’ was. In fact there may be people in the crowd this year who have forgotten. /s


Watched a documentary on Mussolini last night, and it is amazing how it parallels Trump’s rise to power. Right down to “make Italy great again”. Worth a look, and remember Hitler learned everything from Il Duce. Ep. 3 - Benito Mussolini |


Because they think it’s tacky?

Because they associate it with personality cults and anti-democratic mass political movements?


the year is 2066. the place, a large floating platform above the sunken city of miami.
the brain-in-a-jar of the mighty lord trump floats in a cloudy orange vat at the lectern. electronic speakers carry his voice: “lock her up! lock her up!” the mostly elderly cyborg crowd resounds.
in the back, a young 68-year-old neophyte inquires, “who exactly is ‘her,’ anyway?”
the answer comes at once. “it’s a metaphor, you moran.”
satisfied, the youngster raises his vuvuzela to join in the revelry that has erupted. fedoras fly in the air as plastic straw confetti blasts from cannons over the vast, dead ocean. the shriveled, sequined husk of kid rock solemnly leads the crowd in the national anthem, lee greenwood’s “gob bless the u.s.a.”


we come from the earth
we return to the earth
and in between
we garrrrrden


eh ?? i’m just going to watch the hypnotoad for a while , first - - - - - - - - - - – instead

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I’d believe it. Clinton isn’t even political relevant anymore, and if she was going to be charged with Trumped-up charges by a captured Justice Department, would have been during the last four years. The crowd ain’t shouting it because they’re trying to point out a failure of the Trump administration to act. So it’s clearly not about her. It’s just shorthand for “jail our political enemies,” and expressing an approval for a fascist approach to power.


It’s still an if, and it won’t go down without a fight.


I’d rather be half people, half sheep than half piano-half man in Billy Joel’s horrorscape.

Because they have the sensibility of these barnyard animals: