Watch: "Flight to Mars" trailer from 1951

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Good old Destination Moon spacesuits. They were everywhere in the 50s and 60s. Even in a Three Stooges movie. DM was made the year before Flight to Mars. Could be the first re-appearance of these legendary suits?


The library of congress has a sharper trailer, but the color timings are messed up.

also at the library of congress, the 1923 animated film

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Watching that reminds me of why “Star Trek” was such a revelation: the special effects were, to coin a phrase, light years ahead of what you saw in that trailer.

But also, so many memes that survived: aliens wearing sashes, hot babes in short-skirted “uniforms,” doorways with angular lintels and probably several more I missed.


Lasers shooting with high-pitched funky sounds.


Ahh…the good old days when you could thoughtfully smoke a pipe on a rocket ship headed towards Mars.

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