Drive-in movie snack bar commercial inspired by Star Wars (1979)

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plus, it leaves room for prequels! what happened to Salt Ships 1-6??


There is no excuse to have ever stopped using this. Coca Cola still exists. If the particular theater’s concession stand doesn’t carry peanuts, add them so it matches.


I’d say it was inspired by Battle Beyond the Stars at best


That is quite impressive for a 1979 Intermission ad.

This is the best thing ever. It’s perfectly retro, right now.

If someone made this today, with this exact look, it would be even more impressive than making the original in 1979. I mean, make it today with no obvious digital “tells”

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Probably literally made by the same people


Now I want some laser-popped corn.

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I’m not sure how I feel about a Fleshlight full of popcorn…

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Nah, BBTS has perfectly grade B special effects. This is definitely within the realm of Star Crash though.

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I’ll just leave these here. Still trying to figure out how to inter space them with movies when I’m watching with Kodi.

And I love the old General Cinema Bumpers from the 70’s when I was going there. (a lot)


Love 'coz. that laser-popped is some -mature soot- stuff (it says.) YouTube’s WorldScott manages to get 2W of blue laser to pop a (single, rotated in beam) kernel in 35 s. or so while killing it with yap, so everyone barely holding back on fitting out a 30W laser 3D workstation, you’re not OP with just one beam yet. Get those structural lights in with a CO2 band!

Or just go Dr. Laser. (‘Popcorn technique’ in kidney stone busting, s.b. fine once the pan setpiece is in.)

Oh that’s bad search-fu, apologiuesaskfnfondog. Aim for yellowfin texture to marinate with fish sauce, attain ASCII art in 'sploded kernels.

Wait, can you pop avacado pits? Asking for a mutant.


Only works with lot’s of butter but hold off on the salt.

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Obviously, they were destroyed in the Salt Miner Slave revolts on some hot, dry planet.

Now that we know how we get salt, how can you countenance using it as a mere condiment on your historical-documents viewing experiences?

Clearly a whole new informational archive of canon is required to incorporate the variety of spacecraft and rich history of this branch.


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You may find it best not to mention salt around Lot. His wife was a pillar of the community

Whoops! Too soon?

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“We need it to look very Star Wars, but Ed Wood Star Wars.”

Say no more.


This ad convinces me that the horrible pre-show intros are deliberately awful, to prevent any confusion between the brand identity of the theater chain, and the brand identity of the film itself.

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