Watch Florida fisherman get chased off by a massive alligator

Always coming back alone? Did the later ones get suspicious?


The one time I remember abandoning my fishing pole, I caught a baby gator on my line (on accident!) and reeled it up out of the water. It started making the baby gator distress call, ( Juvenile American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Distress Call - YouTube ) and an adult gator in the water headed my way in response. Well, 12 year old me valued my intact skin more than the fishing pole so I tossed it down and ran home. Fortunately my brother found it later, hook intact and all, still sitting on the side of the lake. I think the baby had just clamped down on the bait and not actually been hooked.


There is a really terrible movie that has all that in it, except not a Wendy’s, it’s called crawl.

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