WATCH: Footloose dance scene with "realistic audio" and no music


I was surprised to find that I found it significantly more impressive in this version.

I guess without the cheesy music, I was able to focus more on the physicality of the movements, and to imagine a real person dancing, than before when it was nothing more than a silly hollywood dance scene.

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Or a real person and a stunt man and a dance double…

I always wondered why they had a horizontal bar in the abandoned warehouse for him to go full-gymnast on, and also where he got the chalk for his hands.

There’s still suspension of disbelief, of course, but I guess it’s just significantly less.

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I agree. I was much more impressed with the athleticism and choreography (with- almost, dare I say, parkour-like movements) required for this scene… despite my (1980’s) subconscious trying to “hear” the Footloose music. Also, wow… those were some great jeans he was wearing.

It’s a steel mill, not a warehouse, so… yeah, that still doesn’t really explain anything.

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