Motown 25: rebroadcast tomorrow of unforgettable 1983 TV special


Minutes of his feet moving just below frame and a big gap above his head: was the director clueless or is this video badly trimmed?

The medium shot follows the Rule of Thirds.

I’m more impressed by how many of these moves he already had 10 years earlier (eg, in Dance Machine).

Apparently, Marvin Gaye was in the audience. I wonder what his reaction was.

Was thinking the same thing. But seems like the standing / dancing audience messed up the camera angle. Mr cameraman had the choices 1. filming Michael Jackson’s feet and the back of people’s head or to miss the feet. He went for option two.

I remember as a youth being suckered into it once with the promise of Adam Ant “coming up soon”.

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James Jamerson, the bassist who played on most of Motown’s hit records during their ‘golden age’ in the 60s, had to buy a ticket from a scalper just to sit in the audience.

This is just badly trimmed. My old copy of the performance is 4:3 and shows everything.

p.s. I’d love to see John Landis release a remastered wide-screen version of “Thriller”. I wonder if he got that on film or on video (or if that would make a difference - I’m assuming film would be better for a good hi-def outcome)?

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