New fan edit of the 90s SUPER MARIO BROS movie restores 20 minutes of lost footage

Originally published at: New fan edit of the 90s SUPER MARIO BROS movie restores 20 minutes of lost footage | Boing Boing

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Hey, it’s “Morton” not Moron…


Is there more Mojo Nixon in this cut? That is all I care about

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If it ain’t got Mojo Nixon then this cut could use some fixin’.

Nixon’s “The King is everywhere” reference is hilarious. The film’s never going to be a go-to punchline for me because of it.

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While I admire the dedication on display here I can’t think of any examples of bad movies that were substantially improved by adding scenes that weren’t deemed good enough for the original cut.

It’s kind of like the old joke, “The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small!”

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It may matter who’s doing the deeming. From the info:

Several weeks before shooting was to begin, Disney purchased the distribution rights to the film and demanded significant rewrites. Morton said the final result was a script that was not at all like the darker cyberpunk script that he, Jankel, and the cast had signed on to film, and that the tone of the new script was not at all compatible with the sets, which had already been built.

But that just confirms the central problems with the movie date to before filming began. It’s not like they shot a wonderful film that got ruined in the editing room.

Plenty of good movies were made worse with extra footage added in though. The super-duper-extended-edition of the LOTR movies are one example of something that really dragged on pointlessly when they added bad a lot of junk that was initially cut.

One of these days someone is going to do a re-release of Jaws that includes all the “lost” footage of the mechanical shark that Vera Fields famously cut out.

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Most infamously:


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Yeah, I think the Moron Cut was the theatrical version.

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