Watch: Freestyle rapper turns random words from strangers into incredible performance

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That guy is crazy.


I’ve read that Lorenzo DaPonte (Mozart’s librettist) used to do this at parties under the Austro-Hungarian court.


I want to have his baby

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This guy would give Mos Def and Eminem a tough match.

He’s at Venice Beach! I was standing at that very spot probably the day after he shot this video. I’d bet I saw him in person at some point.


It’s a party trick of any great freestyler.

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But I mean… How does he… How can someone… like…?

Talent + lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of practice. And several more “lots of practice” iterations, if you subtract “talent” =).

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i’m saying bring the heat to this guy:

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While I think that this young man has reached a rare level
of aptitude, my wife actively hated that I showed her this.


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