New Orleans Bounce music star Nicky da B reported dead


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That’s a damn shame. I never saw this before this post, but having watched all three videos am an instant fan despite the half dozen seizures. Serious talent & presence, originality.


At first I was like “they really call this music?” but then I reached the saturation point and was like “hell yeah, pump that SHIT UP !!!

Rest in peace.


Yep. This is about as far from being my taste as it’s possible to get but there’s no hiding talent and about 2 minutes in I was like, “Fuck Yeah!” :smiley:

The spasm-inducing visuals may have helped, but damn, that’s some good sounds. There ought to be a word for that feeling when you simultaneously recognise both a great talent and a great loss.


Manchu Chicken? Manchu Chicken.

It is likeable music with a lot going on, perfect for a night out, dancing with friends. How much good culture is lost due to the untimely passing of Nicky Da B?

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